How LeDuck reached 150.000+ TFT players leveraging SEO with his Tacter's content
How LeDuck reached 150.000+ TFT players leveraging SEO with his Tacter's content

How LeDuck reached 150.000+ TFT players leveraging SEO with his Tacter's content


🤜 How LeDuck reached 150.000+ TFT players leveraging SEO with his Tacter's content

Of all the creators who use Tacter, no one excels at creating viral posts like LeDuck.

He joined Tacter to expand on his YouTube videos and find an easier way to create content without the struggles of maintaining his website, Meta Sheet. This allows him to continue sharing insights and new findings with his audience.

LeDuck has reached 150,000 players with his content, earning over 1,300€ in revenue with one post.

👤 Who is LeDuck?

LeDuck is a Tacter Creator, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer known for his highly technical content, such as his fortune post and other guides. In his content, he pushes different aspects of Teamfight Tactics to the limits, utilizing mathematics and extensive testing. Previously, LeDuck served as the coach for international teams such as Origen and Movistar Riders in League of Legends.


🌱 Where did the journey begin?

LeDuck had his own website, but it required a lot of maintenance and lacked proper SEO positioning. He sought a way to create top-tier quality TFT content without the hassle of maintaining a full website, which consumed a significant amount of time and money. That’s when Tacter entered the scene to offer him an easier way to create and share written content, while turning himself into a pioneer on a new emergent gaming platform.

This is how LeDuck began using Tacter as an Ambassador.

Tacter empowers creators like LeDuck to fully focus on their best skill: creating the best TFT content, and avoid struggling with website maintenance, SEO optimization, or advertising monetization.

🗝️ Keys of success

One of the main reasons for this success is the combination of high-quality, unique content that LeDuck provides, which you can't find anywhere else online, and the versatility of Tacter's tools for building guides. Tacter strikes the perfect balance between providing game-specific value and being customizable.

This unique characteristic, combined with Tacter's excellent SEO structure, which allows guides to rank higher than other platforms, creates a powerful traffic attraction machine. The versatility and SEO of Tacter, along with the high quality and scarcity of LeDuck's content, led to reaching 150k people.

The key to LeDuck’s success is, first, his top-quality, niche-specific TFT content, making him the only one in the market doing that, and Tacter’s SEO optimization.

🔭 How is people discovering LeDuck?

LeDuck is being discovered thanks to his actions on different platforms like Tacter, YouTube, Twitch and Twitter. From January to March, 98.000 different users found his content only from Google Search.


💬 Interview - Creator Insights: LeDuck

Could you tell us what your content is about in one sentence?

I create guides for TFT based on both in-game resources and my own research to help players better understand the game.

Why did you start creating content?

I was dissatisfied with the quality of TFT content available and decided to take matters into my own hands. Drawing inspiration from content in other video games, I aim to bring similar concepts to TFT and share information with the player base that goes beyond ranked play.

What is your content strategy?

At the start of each new Set, I compile a list of potential interactions that may be confusing for new players and explain them concisely through YouTube videos and Tacter guides. As a smaller content creator, I leverage commonly searched topics on Google to attract attention to my content.

I also integrate my content across all platforms. For instance, I use the script of a YouTube guide as a foundation for a written Tacter guide, which I then reference in the video. Additionally, I employ Twitch commands and YouTube Community posts to bring more attention to important guides.


What would you say has been your biggest success story on Tacter so far?

I created a fairly simple guide about Superfan that ended up going viral. During Set 10, I was frustrated about having to search Twitter images about Superfan, so I decided to create a Tacter guide that I could refer to during my games.

Thanks to good timing, it became the top Google search result for Superfan, which brought an extremely high number of viewers to my guide (and made Leduck over 1000€ in revenue).

This guide not only brought in a significant amount of money but also helped boost my brand and recognition. - LeDuck said.

What do those 200k+ visits to the SuperFan guide mean to you?

The Superfan Guide itself earned me more than €1,000, a number I certainly didn’t expect. In hindsight, I feel like I missed an opportunity and could’ve utilized the guide more to transfer traffic to other Tacter guides or my YouTube Channel.

How did you come up with this strategy?

At the start, I simply asked myself the question: What type of TFT content would I want to consume? I have a genuine interest in Loot Tables and game interactions, so I started from there. My goal is to create easy-to-use resources for players and also teach them about hidden interactions to give them something fun to chase in their games.


In what way did you apply this strategy on Tacter?

I created guides using the tools provided by the website. I like using champion lists and pictures to make sure the guides are visually appealing and try to avoid overloading them with too much text. I also tend to avoid the composition segment, as my guides don’t focus much on team comps, and I don’t want them to get confused with actual team comps.

Most of the guides I publish on Tacter usually involve topics that work best in written form, so they are easy to find and understand even in the middle of a TFT game.

What are the requirements to do it?

Going viral isn’t necessarily something you can control, but there are ways to increase your chances. The guides I create receive most of their viewers from Google searches rather than from Tacter itself. I don’t have a very large community that I can use to push my guides to the top; instead, I have to make sure that my guides have good timing and are easy to find.


It helps to include important keywords in your title and update your guides regularly to push the algorithm in your favor.

When do you think someone should apply this kind of strategy?

The best timing is at the start of a new Set cycle, especially during the PBE cycle. Riot doesn’t release their initial loot tables until the Set goes live, which creates a large demand from the player base that isn’t covered.

You can use this to your advantage to build up your guide from the very start and get a leg up on your competition.


Are you going to try to do it again?

At the end of the day, I will continue to create the content I enjoy doing. I will incorporate what I learned from the past to increase the chances of players finding my content.

How much time does it take to implement this strategy?

Superfan was thankfully a trait that was fairly easy to figure out. The trait is easy to activate, so I just had to keep track of all the units I’ve recorded so far and write everything down. Nowadays, websites will simply datamine this type of content from the PBE server, so you have to act quickly to make sure your guide doesn’t get buried right away.

Depending on the topic, the guide itself can be written very quickly. It didn’t take long at all to put together the Superfan guide, but you can come across topics that will take a lot longer.


Do you have any advice for someone starting as a content creator?

Create content about topics you find interesting, and it won’t feel like a chore. It can often be better to start with your own niche and grow from there instead of competing with the largest content creators on the same topics.


How does written content improve your overall content strategy?

Not everything in TFT can be covered by a Twitch command or a video. Some topics simply work best by combining written text with pictures for an easy overview, allowing players to quickly find all the relevant information during their games.

What other platforms are you using for creating content? And what is the role of each platform in your content strategy?

  • YouTube for videos to explain complicated topics in detail with gameplay footage
  • YouTube for shorts to go over specific interactions in a short timeframe
  • Twitch for gameplay and research for potential topics

How does Tacter fit into your lifestyle?

Since I stream on Twitch and create videos that require a lot of effort, I don’t have much time available during my week. Fortunately, creating a guide on Tacter is not that demanding, especially when you can repurpose content that you are already creating on other platforms.

What are your objectives on Tacter?

I want Tacter to cover part of my content strategies with written guides and become a meaningful part of my income.

What’s the sharpest insight you can offer other content creators about growing a community?

Don’t limit yourself to a single platform. You can find viewers from many different sources. The goal should be to connect your content and, therefore, your viewers to create a community in the long run.

  • Your views can come from a lot of different sources. The key is to be active on multiple platforms and connect them.
  • Build your own niche and grow your community from there